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What’s workplace task support?

Posted on | March 1, 2010 | No Comments

In my About page, I mention that workplace task support is one of my interests. What I mean by that is anything that helps someone get their job done in an efficient and effective manner.

One name for this is performance support, but that term seems to confuse laypeople.  No one that I know of has come up with a word or phrase that doesn’t require explanation.

By task support I mean anything — information, instructions, job aids, ergonomics, physical environment, equipment, and even training (when it’s done right) — that will help someone get a task done. in an efficient and effective manner*.

Training is a good idea, but often it’s used inappropriately — giving people too much information long before they actually need it or understand the context in which to use it.  When subjected to a huge info-dump,  the normal brain will try to forget as much as possible as soon as possible. It’s either that or forget something that you actually need to know!

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