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How can we get our employees to learn?

When I hear this question, I’m dumbfounded.  The fact is, people are learning all the time! In fact, you can’t get them to stop learning. When they chat with their co-workers, they learn something about them, and are adjusting their opinions about them, including how best to work with them. A lot of this is […]

No teacher left behind

A school board in Rhode Island has voted to fire all teachers at a struggling high school, a dramatic move aimed at shoring up education in a poverty-ridden school district. via All teachers fired at Rhode Island school – CNN.com. Basically, the Central Falls, RI school board and the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program […]

What’s workplace task support?

In my About page, I mention that workplace task support is one of my interests. What I mean by that is anything that helps someone get their job done in an efficient and effective manner. One name for this is performance support, but that term seems to confuse laypeople.  No one that I know of […]

Too long gone

I really don’t like blog posts about not blogging. I don’t like them because they’re a bad sign in a blog — you’ll see a post about trying to blog more often, then a few blog posts, then a long pause, rinse and repeat until the blog peters out. So I won’t say anything but, […]